Karen Louie
Karen Louie

I first became interested in photography after purchasing my first digital camera back in 2001. Since then, I have taken countless images and always on the lookout for the next interesting composition wherever I go. To me, a successful shot is one that makes an emotional connection with the viewer.

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Robert Burrill
Robert L. Burrill

I was born in historic Washington D.C., raised in sunny California, inspired by the magic of Walt Disney's Hollywood and my fathers hobby of photography. I appreciate photography as an "art-of-the-fact" because with a date & captions photographs become "time travelers." (See my books on local history) In í69, I began teaching and writing my curriculum, "4 Views on Photography." Understanding the craft led to my art. Early on I met Ansel Adams and made films on his colleagues. In 1984, I became a journeyman film maker with Ruth Bernhard who past on my birthday in 2006. Ruth was 101 years young. RbArts.Com was designed in homage to my "Kindred Spirit."

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Stephen Balsbaugh
Stephen Balsbaugh

I'm relatively new to photography as a hobby, having purchased my first DSLR in the fall of 2009. My primary interest is landscape photography, but I plan to expand as I gain more knowledge and experience.

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Brenda Trimble Gallery
Brenda Trimble

My passion is macrophotography. Seeing a subject up close causes one to pause and enjoy the beauty of the subject. It also helps focus the viewer's attention on the area of interest to the photographer. I worked in scientific research for over thirty years and that influences how and what I see through the lens of my camera.

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Dave Herzstein Gallery
Dave Herzstein

I've been making photgraphs for over 20 years. My interests include nature, landscapes, macro, sports and railroads. Since abandoning film for digital imaging in 2002, I have acquired an interest in panaramic landscapes.

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S.R. Hinrichs Gallery
S.R. Hinrichs

I prefer magic realism to straight photography. Put me out in the dark in the middle of nowhere with a medium-format film camera and Iím happy. As a former opera photographer I had to cope with low-levels of available light and that influenced me to adopt night photography as my genre of choice. When I am in creative mode, I prefer making my images on film and manipulating the image in-camera. Computer-generated imagery is great, but Iíd still rather be outside adding light to subjects in the fresh, cold air of the great out-of-doors than trapped in front of a computer screen.

For more information about night photography, pinhole photography or the photography and art classes I offer at Milpitas Adult Education Program, please query:

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Douglas Blissard
Douglas Blissard

I have a long history of interest with photography dating back to my college years but began a serious intensive effort in 2003 when I obtained my digital camera and a copy of photoshop. Soon after I joined the Milpitas Camera Club still struggling with the digital format. I have since advanced more that I could have imagined having attended almost all the meetings, many field trips, and participated in several Exhibitions put on by the club. I still have much to learn and a great resource for answers.

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Keith Schwamkrug Gallery
Keith Schwamkrug

Photography slows me down and forces me to look. I stop to see the patterns in nature - in the clouds, the rocks, and in the grasses. I notice birds feeding, and see sunlight illuminating trees. Taking pictures fills me with joy.

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Gina Anderson Gallery
Gina Anderson

I have been a Milpitas Camera Club member since 2003. I use both film and digital cameras. I shoot mostly landscapes but I am working on learning macro photography and how to digitally enhance photographs as well. I enjoy the wide range of photographic skill in this club and continue to learn from its members. I greatly enjoy the club field trips.

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Dave Lemery Gallery
Dave Lemery

I have always enjoyed taking photographs; however, it wasn't until I took a few classes on photography that I began to see the difference between good photographs and snapshots. My eye is drawn to details, especially ones that are slightly askew.

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Saravanan Veerappan Gallery
Saravanan Veerappan

I shoot so you, the viewer, can interpret! When I approach and capture my subjects I do so in a unique way; after all, most any subject you can think of has been photographed by someone before.

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Sunil Veluvali Gallery
Sunil Veluvali

I am a very new to photography and MCC. A love of technology introduced me to digital photography. I try and practice my art between work and parenting a two year old. I am not sure if there is any particular area I am getting into. I am trying all sorts of techniques and lenses to get a feel for what I like and donít like. Iíve included a few of the pictures Iíve made that I thought came out well. I do welcome your comments.

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